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LM2021 On Demand: Patient Centered. Value Based. Outcome Driven. Virtual Conference

Lifestyle Medicine 2021 Conference On Demand: Patient Centered. Value Based. Outcome Driven.

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The annual conference provides a broad array of presentations from some of the field’s foremost experts. Topics delve into current research, practice models that work for lifestyle medicine, educational approaches, and pillar advances that focus on health restoration as a clinical outcome. Participants gain in knowledge as well as aptitude in fully pursuing this growing medical discipline. The theme for 2021 is “Patient Centered. Value Based. Outcome Driven.” United by a desire to end chronic disease, learning to practice lifestyle medicine is a tangible way for any clinician to deliver best-in-class care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how specific evidence-based lifestyle changes can positively affect patients and improve health outcomes. 
  • Describe the role of Lifestyle Medicine in resiliency and in addressing stress, burnout, and health inequality. 
  • Review the practice models and tools that can help lifestyle medicine practitioners assess, evaluate, prescribe and counsel patients and families on lifestyle factors for the prevention, treatment and oftentimes reversal of chronic disease. 


    1. State of the Specialty: The Time is Now for Lifestyle Medicine  
    2. U.S. Surgeons General Carmona, Satcher, Elders and Novello Town Hall: Lifestyle Medicine's Role in Health Equity
    3. Lifestyle Medicine as a Solution to Healthcare Debt and Spending  
    4. Strengthening your Gut Shield: Understanding the Connection Between Gut Health, Microbes, and the Immune System
    5.  The Dietary Spectrum: When Food Becomes Medicine
    6. Group Medical Visits as a Platform for Health Care
    7. Balanced Women’s Health at All Ages with a WFPB Diet
    8. ACLM Expert Consensus Statement: Dietary Interventions for Type 2 Diabetes Remission
    9. Global Nutrition Trends and Health Outcomes
    10. Incentivizing HEALTH in Healthcare
    11.  Activating Brain Health to Improve Your Life Trajectory
    12. Lessons from the Front Line: Implementation of Lifestyle Medicine within Large Health Systems
    13. Meaning—a Key “Upstream” Determinant of Health and Well-being
    14. Managing Common Sleep Disturbances for Non-Sleep Specialists
    15. Facilitating Behavior Change: A Recipe for Effective Lifestyle Prescriptions
    16. The Other Side of Burnout: Practical Tips and Tools
    17. Research Abstract Presentations

      Format: LM2021 OnDemand sessions are hosted online via the ACLM Learning Management System and each session consists of a title, description, learning objectives, speaker information, video recording, presentation slides in PDF format, an assessment and survey evaluation. LM2021 On Demand consists of 17 lectures and 19.75 hours of content.

      Duration: 19 hours 45 minutes

      Assessment and Measurement: A score of 80% or higher on the module quiz is required to pass the course.

      Specifications: This content can be viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Speakers or headphones are required.

      Term of Approval: July 1, 2022 – July 1, 2025

      Enrollment: Access to online material is granted through the term of approval which ends July 1, 2025.

      7/1/2022 - 7/1/2025 11:50 PM
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